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Stock photo library


With Stockbox Photo™ photographers can create their own stock photo library or online proofing system without paying commissions to third party providers. The cross platform (Linux, Mac and Windows compatible), server side software puts the photographer back in control of their business by allowing them to present their work how they want, where they want and when they want. The software can be used as a stand-alone website or seamlessly integrated into an existing website.

Adrian Ellis co-founder of Stockbox Photo™ comments, “The challenge for us was to maintain and build on the distinctive parts of our brand, while making changes to the name. We achieved both of these goals through our selection of the name Stockbox Photo™, while maintaining the same colour scheme and tag lines that were used with “Lightbox Photo™. The timing for the re-branding was selected to allow a smooth transition in between major updates to our software. We launched a major update last December with a number of exciting new features and improvements and our next update will be available towards the end of this summer.”

Existing customer Nicholas Frost from Gazou recently commented, “From the outset we needed a product that we could change, adapt and manage easily without the expense and technical know how associated with web design. Stockbox Photo™ provided an off the shelf solution with incredible support and flexibility. Stockbox Photo™ answered all of our queries and have assisted and supported our ideas, providing solutions and ideas to help get GAZOU where it is today. I look forward to working with Stockbox Photo™ for many years to come.”

Stockbox Photo™ is available as a Standard, Professional or Enterprise Version priced from $399. For further information please visit Stockboxphoto.