eBay Photography: Take Better Pictures When Selling On eBay

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  1. Uncle Drew says:

    Seemless paper is aweome, but for .66 you can get two poster boards from

  2. Idong Harrie Footwear says:

    Great video! Could you please share a video on how to make the umbrellas?
    thanks alot!?

  3. MrSamuelivey says:

    I haven’t used my account to sell anything for some time but recently
    decided to sell a few things. I sold one item for $65 and Ebay takes out
    $6.50? and then paypal takes out another like $3? Those fees seem really
    high! Is this what they commonly do now? I don’t remember it being 10%+ in
    fees! ouch?

  4. Victoia Magrum says:

    Hi Steve, I really appreciated your video. Where can I find the links to
    buy the Seamless paper background, metal bars and your AMAZING light set
    up??? I don’t know if i’ll get it all but your setup is Fabulous!!

    Also…I have a Cannon Rebel t3i, what settings would you recommend.

    P.S. that’s NOT me in this picture. One of my models i used to use. I’ve
    since gone to a full size (female) mannequin.?

  5. The Hustle Guy says:

    Hey Reiken, Good set up. Quick tip. Your lights are too close to your
    umbrellas. if you look at the front of your umbrellas you will see a small
    part of the umbrella being lit, basically the size of the light that is
    coming out of your umbrellas. You need to move your light further back,
    just pull the umbrellas forward. Now look at the front of the umbrellas
    and you will see more of the umbrella is being lit. This will also help
    reduce the shadows. ?

  6. Cody Hawk says:

    Studio Looks awesome Steve!?

  7. Richard McGee says:

    leading the way man…keep up the GREAT WORK…great to see you doing well
    and BEING PROGRESSIVE…thanks for sharing :))?

  8. Liz Byington says:

    Great videos thanks!?

  9. Misscoolfinds says:

    Looks really great! The Seamless paper background is amazing looking.
    Thanks for sharing.?

  10. Ressurrectio says:

    Definitely overkill but thanks for sharing.

    I just fling on a white wall & snap away still convert fine. For me
    actually when I upped my camera from a 3 Mp Aosta to 7.1 Canon & used
    non-ebay picture hosting like Image Shack I actually lost about 25% of my
    revenue since now buyers saw all that blemish detail that normally they
    would not see that would hold them back! Also if your listings look too pro
    many bidders will feel intimidated I for instance if I see a listing like
    this I don’t bother bidding because it “might” sell too high out of my
    budget but often it still falls below the grade.?

  11. TruthLove RealQueen says:

    U didnt mention what kind of camera u use and do u need to use screws to
    put the back drop together? Is it simple to assemble, or is it just a
    screw on device???

  12. thetruthonly4u says:

    Hey Steve, just got your channel back don’t know what happen but I lost
    you for a bit missed some videos great to be subscribed again.?

  13. Raymond Sanchez says:

    You like Amazon over ebay cause they pay you for referals right??

  14. Paul Rhodes says:

    Thanks for such a great video bro! Where can I get just the metal frame to
    hold the backdrop or did it come with it? Thank you?

  15. MagamiMagami M says:

    Great tip… TFS!!,,=}?

  16. S30Uploads says:

    what type of light bulb should I look for at home depot??

  17. scarman470 says:

    You sir are doing it big time !!!! Congrts Steve ,,,,,?

  18. Kathy Glassford says:

    Hi Steve…I have a question regarding the mannequin. Do you have a female
    mannequin as well? Do you use just the male? I guess you could just put a
    bra on the male mannequin (seriously). ?

  19. PowerTec12345 says:

    Looks awesome Steve, I had the same setup but got rid of it because it was
    a hassle to put away and my room was always hot. This is perfect but only
    if you have a lot of space. ?

  20. mystiqueboutique says:

    wow ……amazing …..pro style !!!!!!!!!!yeah !?

  21. Persnickety Picker says:

    Thanks for the info Steve. Not sure if I am there yet. But at least now I
    know where to get all this stuff. Great info as always man!?

  22. ultimatecouponlady says:

    Nice setup. Not necessary to sell on eBay but looks very professional!?

  23. TheIntelligentView says:

    Do you have these coats dry-cleaned before listing? They look really good.?

  24. crazyxmas1 says:

    Steve I just started selling shirts taking in all your mad skills thank you
    for your vids!!! Keep makin that money! ?

  25. Paul Rhodes says:

    Without the cloth of course I also use the cloth Muslin one and I hate it
    wrinkles etc need to get the paper one and frame thanks again.?

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