How To Learn Photography Without Getting Off Your A%*e

Can you practice photography without getting off the sofa? We explore the options… Pricing Reference (Amazon): Grand Theft Auto Game: (US) or…



  1. DigitalRev TV says:

    Can you practice photography without getting off the sofa? We explore the

  2. PerfectoDigital says:

    6:40 The funniest scene ever in the entire 7 years of DRTV! I pissed
    myself! ?

  3. bokeflo says:

    So I guess you can learn photography by sitting on you butt. LOL!?

  4. Jd Hoo says:

    I cant run this even though I updated my Unity Web Player. What do I do on
    a Windows 7??

  5. linuxducky says:

    4:38 LOL?

  6. Jay Guo says:

    this reminds me of pokemon snap lol ?

  7. giammyzanna says:

    More Kai and Lok playing GTA V?

  8. DN MT says:

    that game is shit ?

  9. Art Plaenan says:

    Pewdiekai ? Noooo it will never work…?

  10. Bernard Wei says:

    Selfie with the police, you guys crack me up :D?

  11. Jim Fancher says:

    Great! I can learn photography in my undies. Which is exactly how I take
    most of my photos anyway.?

  12. Van Thieu says:

    #Lazy #Photography ?

  13. DMINATOR says:

    4:00 – I think that is Smena 8 on the table…?

  14. newbeetledriver says:

    sponsored by the Dutch (KLM / Heineken)?

  15. Darnok1221 says:

    Guys the second preview came out :D?

  16. Peichen01 says:

    Is the game built using Source engine??

  17. tgmwright says:


  18. Terra Incognita Gaming says:

    Im sorry, but this looks like a joke.
    And the 700D doesnt sound anything like that.
    Theres no motor-like-noise, just a Click, an ugly one at that.?

  19. Michael Nguyen says:

    What happen to Alambi??

  20. DJRCMACH says:

    Best photo’s you’ve ever taken Kai …..JK
    Nice idea using Facetime for a work round tho good thinkin mate :)?

  21. bowser8375 says:

    I used to do this with Skyrim and taking screenshots 🙂 ?

  22. theyasman says:

    I laughed all my asses off!!!?

  23. Shiznutsz says:

    This was the best video in a while.?

  24. Christy Harper says:

    Oh that was funny!!!?

  25. Mingiyan Chulkaev says:

    Heineken ad! :)?

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