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Photo Sharing competing cameras on Flickr


On the photo-sharing website like Flickr, the photos from iPhone 4’s 5-megapixel camera are rising up competing with pictures taken with high-end cameras, like the digital SLRs. Point-and-shoot cameras are increasingly competing with other smartphones and iPhone 4’s.

Looking at Flickr graph shows that the percentage of Flickr members utilizing point-and-shoot cameras is declining at a rapid rate. Numerous Canon models, such as the PowerShot G10 and G11, are seeing their popularity amongst Flickr users plummet to really low numbers. It becomes all of the far more sobering for those devices when one considers that Flickr itself says that camera phones are “under-represented” in its tallies, considering that it really is usually times tough to automatically detect when a camera phone was employed to snap a photo.

The iPhone four camera’s capabilities are boosted by backside illumination, recognized as BSI, which assists boost low-light performance, therefore developing an nicer photos.

The trending on photo sharing sites shows that smaller gadgets for taking pictures are replaceing the heavier SLRs.   To read more about photo sharing visit


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